Gun Repairs Somerset

gun repairs somerset

Gun Repairs & Fitting

Whether your buying or have an existing gun our gun fitting service makes sure you are making the most of your shooting successful. Not every gun off the shelf fits all because we are all different shapes and sizes! Or maybe it’s just looking for that quality repair, small alteration or refurbishment service local to you.


Gun Fitting

Get expert advice on whether the gun is fitting you as this is the most important area of shooting successfully. If the gun doesn’t fit, you don’t hit!!!


Is it an emergency? Have you got a gun that malfunctions occasionally and interrupts your day or not being reliable? Is your stock starting to crack or a spring broken? We can repair it for you.


Chequering and re finishing of stocks, shortening or lengthening, re-blacking, or want your gun choked? We can get it done at very competitive rates to the highest standards.

For The Pros

Custom Made stocks: stocks made from scratch from the finest walnut custom fitted to you for that perfect fit to exercise your shooting skill to the maximum.


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